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Max. Supply Voltage VDC 0 to 16 V
Max. Supply Voltage VCC 0 to 16 V
Logic Input and Output Voltage -0.5 to 15 + 0.5 V
SO Current 20 mA
Gate Peak Current Iout -60 to 60 A
Max. Average Supply Current IDC 2100 mA
Output Power at Ambient Temperature less than 70 ºC 23 W
Output Power at Ambient Temperature 85 ºC 21 W
Max. Switching Frequency F 500 kHz
Test Voltage at 50 Hz/1 min 4200 VAC(eff)
dV/dt 100 kV/µs
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 to 90 ºC
Nominal Supply Voltage VDC – IGBT Mode1 14.5 to 15.5 (typ. 15) V
Nominal Supply Voltage VDC – MOSFET Mode2 6 to 12 V
Nominal Supply Voltage VCC 14.5 to 15.5 (typ. 15) V
Supply Current IDC typ. 36 to 60 mA
Supply Current ICC at F = 0 Hz typ. 16 to 18 mA
Supply Current ICC at F = 360 kHz 38 mA
Coupling Capacitance Cio2 18 pF
Supply Threshold VthC – Primary Side 11.9 to 13.3 (typ. 12.6) V
Supply Threshold VthS – Primary Side 11.3 to 12.7 (typ. 12.0) V
Min. Monitoring Hysteresis – Primary Side 0.35 V
Supply Threshold VthC – Secondary Side 17.7 to 19.3 (typ. 18.5) V
Supply Threshold VthS – Secondary Side 17.2 to 18.8 (typ. 18.0) V
Monitoring Hysteresis – Secondary Side 0.35 to 0.5 V
Input Bias Current 160 µA
Turn-On Threshold 2.45 to 2.95 (typ. 2.7) V
Turn-Off Threshold 0.8 to 1.25 (typ. 1) V
Max. SO Output Voltage 0.7 V
Current Through Pin VCE 1.4 mA
Current Through Pin REF 150 µA
Minimum Response Time 500 ns
Minimum Blocking Time 9 µs
Turn-On Delay td(on) 75 ns
Turn-Off Delay td(off) 70 ns
Jitter of Turn-On Delay ±1 ns
Jitter of Turn-Off Delay ±1 ns
Output Rise Time tr(out) 10 ns
Output Fall Time tf(out) 15 ns
Transmission Delay of Fault State 400 ns
Max. Operating Voltage 1700 V
Test Voltage at 50 Hz/1 s 4000 to 4200 (typ. 4100) VAC(eff)
Min. Partial Discharge Extinction Voltage 1700 Vpeak
Min. Creepage Distance 15 mm
Absolute Maximum Ratings VDC to GND Primary side, to GND Failure condition, total current Primary to output Rate of change of input to output voltage
Recommended Operating Conditions VDC to GND
Electrical Characteristics (IGBT Mode) Power Supply (All data refer to +25 °C and VCC = VDC = 15 V unless otherwise specified) without load Primary to output, total
Power Supply Monitoring Clear fault Set fault Set/clear fault
Logic Inputs and Outputs V(In) > 3 V V(In) V(In) Failure condition, I(SO) < 20 mA
Short-Circuit Protection V (VCE, VE) < 12.5 V 2 R (REF, VE) < 70 kO
Electrical Insulation Primary to secondary side
Product Highlights 20 W Maximum Output Power Switching up to 500 kHz New SCALE-2 Platform Planar Transformer Jitter less than ±lns Signal Delay < 80 ns 3.3 V...15 V Input Logic 1700 V Insulation (Signal + DC/DC) Dedicated IGBT and MOSFET Mode
Applications Induction Heating High-Frequency Converters High-Current Switches Industrial Drives Pulse Power Resonant Switching Wind Power Converters Single Switch Control Parallel Connection of Modules
  • The 1SC2060P is a 20 W, 60 A CONCEPT driver core. This high-performance SCALE-2 driver targets high-power single-channel IGBT and MOSFET applications such as induction heating, resonant and high-frequency power conversion as well as parallel gate driving of large modules.
  • It features newly developed planar transformer technology for a real leap forward in power density, noise immunity, and reliability.
  • Equipped with the latest SCALE-2 chipset, the gate driver supports switching up to 500 kHz at best-in-class efficiency. The 1SC2060P effectively comprises a complete single-channel IGBT driver core, fully equipped with an isolated DC/DC converter, short-circuit protection, advanced active clamping and supply-voltage monitoring.
  • With its extremely compact outline of 44 mm x 74 mm and a total height of just 6.5mm, it delivers high power density with an attractive form factor. Thanks to the highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset, the component count is reduced by 80 % compared to conventional solutions. This results in significantly increased reliability and reduced costs.