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Data Sheet 1SD210F2-5SNA0400J650100.pdf
Gate Peak Current Iout -6 to 10 A
Max. Output Power Gate Driver 2 W
Max. DC-Link Voltage 4400 V
Supply Voltage VDC1 0 to 17.3 V
Max. Average Supply Current IDC Standard and Opt. 1: 190 mA Opt. 2: 225 mA
Max. Switching Frequency F 6 kHz
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 to 90 ºC
Nominal Supply Voltage VDC 1 15.5 to 16.8 (typ. 16.4) V
Supply Current IDC 2 Opt. 2: 115 mA Standard and Opt. 1: 80 mA
Turn-On Threshold Vth 14 V
Hysteresis On/Off 1 V
Vce – Monitoring Threshold1 1200 V
Response Time – 3-Level Mode typ. 10.8 to 11.5 µs
Response Time – 2-Level Mode typ. 11.6 to 12.4 µs
Blocking Time – 2-Level Mode 1 s
Turn-Off Delay tpd(on) 430 ns
Turn-Off Delay tpd(off) 520 ns
Output Rise Time tr(out) 100 ns
Output Fall Time tf(out) 100 ns
Acknowledge Delay Time1 450 ns
Acknowledge Pulse Width2 0.7 to 1.8 µs
Mechanical and Electrical Interfaces Dimensions 156 x 79.5 mm
Interface Drive signal input (Opt. 01) – Fiber-optic receiver, HFBR-2522 Drive signal input (Opt. 02) – Fiber-optic receiver, HFBR-2412T Drive signal input (Standard) – Fiber-optic receiver, HFBR-2522 Power supply connector – On-board connector, 77315-101-05 Status output (Opt. 01) – Fiber-optic transmitter, HFBR-1522 Status output (Opt. 02) – Fiber-optic transmitter, HFBR-1412T Status output (Standard) – Fiber-optic transmitter, HFBR-1522
Power Supply Connector Ground GND – Pin numbers 1, 2, 4, 5 Supply voltage VDC – Pin numbers 3
Electrical Characteristics Power Supply (All data refer to +25 °C and VDC= 16.4 V unless otherwise specified)
Absolute Maximum Ratings VDC to GND
Short-Circuit Protection between aux. terminals
Timing Characteristics at status output
Product Highlights Plug-and-play solution Protects the IGBT from short-circuit failure Active clamping of Vce at turn-off Extremely reliable long service life No electrolytic capacitors Gate current up to -6 A/+10 A Fiber-optic links Monitoring of supply voltage and fiber optics Switching frequency DC to max. 6 kHz Duty cycle 0... 100 % Suitable DC/DC power supply as separate unit Shortens application development time
Applications Three/multi-level converters Two-level converters Medium-voltage converters High-voltage applications Industrial drives Traction Railroad power supplies Wind-power converters Radiology and laser technology Research Almost all other conceivable applications
Important Notes This data sheet contains only product-specific data. For a detailed description, must- read application notes and common data that apply to the whole series, please refer to the "Description and Application Manual for 1SD210F2 SCALE High-Voltage IGBT Drivers".When applying SCALE plug-and-play drivers, please note that these drivers are specifically adapted to a particular type of IGBT module. Therefore, the type designation of SCALE plug-and-play drivers also includes the type designation of t
  • Ultra compact, high-performance driver for 2-level, 3-level and multilevel converters
  • The SCALE plug-and-play driver 1SD210F2-5SNA0400J650100 is a compact single-channel intelligent gate driver designed for ABB's high-voltage IGBTs of type 5SNA0400J650100. The driver features a fiber-optic interface and a selectable operation mode via a jumper.