Gate Peak Current Iout -36 to 36 A
Max. Output Power DC/DC Converter 5 W
Max. DC-Link Voltage 2200 V
Max. Operating Voltage 3300 V
Supply Voltage VDC1 0 to 16 V
Max. Average Supply Current IDC 500 mA
Max. Switching Frequency F 18 kHz
Max. Test Voltage at 50 Hz/1 min2 6000 VAC(eff)
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 to 90 ºC
Nominal Supply Voltage VDC 1 14.5 to 15.5 (typ. 15) V
Supply Current IDC 2 Opt. 1: 125 mA Standard: 120 mA
Efficiency ?3 85 %
Turn-On Threshold Vth 13 V
Hysteresis On/Off 0.6 V
Coupling Capacitance Cio4 15 pF
Vce – Monitoring Threshold1 50 to 60 V
Response Time – 3-Level Mode typ. 8.5 to 9 µs
Response Time – 2-Level Mode typ. 9.5 to 10 µs
Blocking Time – 2-Level Mode 1 s
Turn-Off Delay tpd(on) 350 ns
Turn-Off Delay tpd(off) 450 ns
Output Rise Time tr(out) 15 ns
Output Fall Time tf(out) 20 ns
Acknowledge Delay Time1 380 ns
Acknowledge Pulse Width2 0.6 to 1.8 µs
Turn-On Gate Resistor Rgon 2.2 O
Turn-Off Gate Resistor Rgoff 3.8 O
Min. Partial Discharge Extinction Voltage2 2600 VAC(eff)
Min. Creepage Distance3 21 mm
Mechanical and Electrical Interfaces Dimensions 193 x 50 mm
Interface Drive signal input (Opt. 01) – Fiber-optic receiver, HFBR-2522 Drive signal input (Standard) – Fiber-optic receiver, HFBR-2412T Power supply connector – On-board connector, 77315-101-05 Status output (Opt. 01) – Fiber-optic transmitter, HFBR-1412T Status output (Standard) – Fiber-optic transmitter, HFBR-1522
Power Supply Connector Ground GND – Pin numbers 1, 2, 4, 5 Supply voltage VDC – Pin numbers 3
Electrical Characteristics Power Supply (All data refer to +25 °C and VDC = 15 V unless otherwise specified)
Absolute Maximum Ratings VDC to GND Primary to output
Short-Circuit Protection between aux. terminals
Timing Characteristics at status output
Product Highlights Plug-and-play solution Protects the IGBT from short-circuit failure Active clamping of Vce at turn-off Extremely reliable long service life No electrolytic capacitors Gate current up to +36 A Electrical insulation 6000 VAC Fiber-optic links Monitoring of supply voltage and fiber optics Switching frequency DC to max. 18 kHz Duty cycle 0... 100 % Built-in DC/DC power supply Shortens application development time
Applications Three/multi-level converters Two-level converters Medium-voltage converters High-voltage applications Industrial drives Traction Railroad power supplies Wind-power converters Radiology and laser technology Research Almost all other conceivable applications
Important Notes This data sheet contains only product-specific data. For a detailed description, must- read application notes and common data that apply to the whole series, please refer to the "Description and Application Manual for 1SD210F2 SCALE High-Voltage IGBT Drivers".When applying SCALE plug-and-play drivers, please note that these drivers are specifically adapted to a particular type of IGBT module. Therefore, the type designation of SCALE plug-and-play drivers also includes the type designation of t
Electrical Insulation 1 Continuous or repeated 2 IEC1287 / < 10 pC 3 Primary to output
  • Ultra-compact, high-performance driver for 2-level, 3-level and multilevel converters
  • The SCALE plug-and-play driver 1SD536F2-5SNA0800N330100 is an ultra-compact single-channel intelligent gate driver designed for ABB's high-voltage single switch IGBTs 5SNA0800N330100 and chopper modules 5SNE0800E330100. The driver features a fiber-optic interface, a built-in DC/DC power supply and a selectable operating mode via a jumper.
  • Mounting Principle: Direct screw mount on IGBT.