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Nominal Input Voltages 24 to 72 Vdc
Range of Input Voltage 17 to 95 Vdc
Efficiency 85 to 92 %
MTBF 82 years
Ambient Temperature -25 to 70 ºC
Length 315 mm
Width 143 mm
Height 86 mm
Weight 2.75 kg
Output Voltage ± 48 V square-wave
Nominal Power Output at 24 to 72 V 100 W
Nominal Power Output at 48 to 72 V 200 W
Peak Power Output at 24 to 72 V 150 W
Peak Power Output at 48 to 72 V 250 W
Isolation Voltages Housing to Input/Output 2.1 kVdc
Isolation Voltages Feedback to Housing Input/Output 2.1 kVdc
Vibration Resistance IEC 571
  • The central square-wave power supplies belongs to the family of DC/AC converters without galvanic isolation.
  • They are available for nominal input voltages of 24 to 72 V and are suitable, among other things, for supplying power to GTO drive units (Gate-Units).
  • The output voltage is a square-wave (f = 16 kHz) voltage of ± 48 V. Depending on the model selected, these units provides a power output of 100 W or 200 W.
  • The power from the supply (the vehicle battery) is introduced to the intermediate d.c. link circuit across a step-up chopper, and from there to the output across a half-bridge inverter.
  • All units also contains extensive monitoring and test equipments.
  • No unit is released for delivery until after it individually has passed numerous tests and inspections, including a burn-in lasting several days, thereby ensuring consistent excellence of the units.