Max. Supply Voltage VDC 0 to 16 V
Gate Peak Current Iout -15 to 15 A
Nominal Supply Voltage VDC 15 V
Supply Current IDD without Load 10 mA
Dimensions 130 x 145 mm
Height 21 mm
Max. Supply Voltage VDD2 0 to 16 V
Logic Input Voltage3 0 to 15 V
Max. Average Supply Current IDC 500 mA
Max. Output Power per Gate 3 W
Max. Switching Frequency F 11 kHz
Max. DC-Link Voltage 1200 V
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 to 90 ºC
Supply Current IDC without Load 80 mA
Supply Current IDC at 10 kHz Switching Frequency 500 mA
Efficiency ?2 85 %
Nominal Supply Voltage VDD3 15 Vdc
Supply Current IDD at 11 kHz Switching Frequency 12 mA
Turn-On Threshold Vth 10.6 Vdc
Hysteresis On/Off 0.6 Vdc
Vce – Monitoring Threshold1 3.65 V
Response Time 8.8 µs
Turn-On Delay tpd(on) 400 ns
Turn-Off Delay tpd(off) 500 ns
Output Rise Time tr(out)1 150 ns
Output Fall Time tf(out)2 80 ns
Dead Time between Outputs3 2.5 µs
Turn-On Gate Resistor Rgon 1.2 O
Turn-Off Gate Resistor Rgoff 5.6 O
Min. Output Current SOx 1.5 mA
Max. Output Voltage Rating SOx1 15 V
Absolute Maximum Ratings All data refer to +25 °C and VDC = 15 V unless otherwise specified VDC to GND 2 VDD to GND
Electrical Characteristics Power Supply to GND Internal DC/DC converter to GND
Short-Circuit Protection between aux. terminals 2 after failure
Timing Characteristics Gx to Ex Half-bridge mode
Logic Inputs All inputs
Outputs SOx to GND
Product Highlights Suitable for 5SND0800M170100 Plug-and-play solution Active clamping of Vce at turn-off IGBT short-circuit and overcurrent protection No electrolytic capacitors 20-pin flat cable interface Monitoring of power supply voltage Duty cycle 0... 100 % Extremely reliable long service life Shortens application development time
Applications Inverters Motor drives UPS Power-factor correctors Wind-power converters Welding SMPS and many others
Important Notes Please refer to the relevant manuals! This data sheet contains only product-specific data. A detailed description, must-read application notes and general data applicable to this driver family are found in: "Description and Application Manual for 2SB315A SCALE Plug-and-play IGBT Driver".
  • Driver solution for 130 mm x 140 mm dual IGBT modules with electrical interface for 2-level topologies
  • The 2SB315A-5SND0800M170100 is a dual-channel driver with an electrical interface based on CONCEPTS dual SCALE driver 2SD315AI, a proven technology for reliable driving and safe operation of IGBTs.
  • The driver is matched to the 1700 V module 5SND0800M170100 from ABB. Its plug-and- play capability makes it ready to operate immediately after mounting. The user needs invest no effort in designing or adjusting it to a specific application.
  • Mounting principle: Connected to IGBT module with screws.