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Supply Voltage VDC 0 to 16 V
Supply Voltage VCC 0 to 16 V
Logic Input and Output Voltage -0.5 to 15 + 0.5 V
Max. SOx Current 20 mA
Gate Peak Current Iout -50 to 50 A
Max. Average Supply Current IDC 1300 mA
Max. Output Power at Ambient Temperature less than 70 ºC t.b.d. W
Max. Output Power at Ambient Temperature 85 ºC 6.5 W
Max. Switching Frequency F 150 kHz
Max. Test Voltage at 50 Hz/1 min 4200 VAC(eff)
dV/dt 100 kV/µs
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 to 90 ºC
Nominal Supply Voltage VDC 14.5 to 15.5 (typ. 15) V
Nominal Supply Voltage VCC 14.5 to 15.5 (typ. 15) V
Supply Current IDC 60 mA
Supply Current ICC at F = 0 Hz 18 mA
Supply Current ICC at F = 100 Hz 27 mA
Coupling Capacitance Cio t.b.d. pF
Supply Threshold VthC Primary Side 11.9 to 13.3 (typ. 12.6) V
Supply Threshold VthS Primary Side 11.3 to 12.7 (typ. 12.0) V
Min. Monitoring Hysteresis Primary Side 0.35 V
Supply Threshold VthC Secondary Side 17.7 to 19.3 (typ. 18.5) V
Supply Threshold VthS Secondary Side 17.2 to 18.8 (typ. 18.0) V
Monitoring Hysteresis Secondary Side 0.35 to typ. 0.5 V
Input Bias Current 190 µA
Turn-On Threshold 2.7 V
Turn-Off Threshold 1 V
Max. SOx Output Voltage 0.7 V
Current Through Pin VCEx 1.4 mA
Current Through Pin REFx 150 µA
Min. Response Time 500 ns
Min. Blocking Time 9 µs
Turn-On Delay td(on) 75 ns
Turn-Off Delay td(off) 70 ns
Jitter of Turn-On Delay t.b.d. ns
Jitter of Turn-Off Delay t.b.d. ns
Output Rise Time tr(out) 15 ns
Output Fall Time tf(out) 30 ns
Transmission Delay of Fault State 400 ns
Max. Operating Voltage 1700 Vpeak
Max. Test Voltage at 50 Hz/1 s 4000 to 4200 (typ. 4100) VAC(eff)
Min. Partial Discharge Extinction Voltage 1700 Vpeak
Min. Creepage Distance Primary to Secondary Side 15 mm
Min. Creepage Distance Secondary to Secondary Side 25 mm
Blocking Capacitance VISOx to VEx 9.4 µF
Blocking Capacitance VEx to COMx 9.4 µF
Turn-On Voltage VGHx 15 V
Turn-Off Voltage VGLx -11.8 V
Turn-Off Voltage VGLx at 1 W Output Power -9.5 V
Turn-Off Voltage VGLx at 4 W Output Power -8.5 V
Absolute Maximum Ratings VDC to GND VCC to GND Primary side, to GND Failure condition, total current Primary to output Rate of change of input to output voltage
Recommended Operating Conditions VDC to GND
Electrical Characteristics Power Supply (All data refer to +25 °C and VCC = VDC = 15 V unless otherwise specified) without load Primary to output, total
Power Supply Monitoring Clear fault Set fault Set/clear fault
Logic Inputs and Outputs V (INx) > 3 V V (INx) V (INx) Failure condition, I (SOx) < 20 mA
Short-Circuit Protection V (VCEx, VEx) < 12.5 V R (REFx, VEx) < 70 kO
Electrical Insulation Primary/secondary, secondary/secondary IEC60270
Output Voltage Any load condition No load
Product Highlights Ultra-flat single channel driver Highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset Planar transformer technology Blocking voltages up to 1700 V Switching frequency up to 500 kHz Short delay and extremely small jitter Gate current ±60 A, 20 W output power per channel +15 V/-10 V gate driving Interface for 3.3 V... 15 V logic level Dedicated IGBT and MOSFET Mode
Applications Wind power converters Industrial drives Traction applications Electro/hybrid drive commercial vehicles Driving parallel-connected large IGBTs High gate-current driving applications Induction heating Switchmode power supplies (SMPS) Laser and Medical (MRT, CT, X-Ray) Laser technology
Safety Notice The data contained in this data sheet is intended exclusively for technically trained staff. Handling all high- voltage equipment involves risk to life. Strict compliance with the respective safety regulations is mandatory! Any handling of electronic devices is subject to the general specifications for protecting electrostatic-sensitive devices according to international standard IEC 60747-1, Chapter IX or European standard EN 100015 (i.e. the workplace, tools, etc. must comply with these stand
Output Voltage Swing The output voltage swing consists of two distinct segments. First, there is the turn-on voltage VGHx between pins GHx and VEx. VGHx is regulated and maintained at a constant level for all output power values and frequencies. The second segment of the output voltage swing is the turn-off voltage VGLx. VGlx is measured between pins GLx and VEx. It is a negative voltage. It changes with the output power to accommodate the inevitable voltage drop across the internal DC/DC converter.
  • The SCALE-2 dual driver core 2SC0650P combines highest power density with broad applicability. The driver is designed for both high-power and high-frequency applications requiring maximum reliability. It is suitable for IGBTs with reverse voltages up to 1700V and also features a dedicated MOSFET mode. The embedded paralleling capability allows easy inverter design covering higher power ratings. Multi-level topologies are also supported.
  • CONCEPT'S patented planar-transformer technology assures efficient and high-voltage isolation with long-term reliability and sets new milestones in compactness, interference immunity and performance. Its outstanding EMC with a dv/dt strength of more than lOOV/ns allows safe and reliable operation in even the toughest industrial applications.
  • Thanks to its ultra-flat design with an insertion height of only 7 mm and a footprint of 57 x 62 mm, the 2SC0650P can efficiently utilize even the most constrained insertion spaces. Compared with conventional drivers, the highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset allows about 85 % of components to be dispensed with. This advantage is impressively reflected in increased reliability at simultaneously minimized cost.
  • Equipped with the latest SCALE-2 technology, the driver core opens up the possibility of working with clock frequencies of up to 150 kHz - at best-in-class efficiency. The 2SC0650P combines a complete two-channel driver core with all components required for driving, such as an isolated DC/DC converter, short-circuit protection, improved active clamping as well as supply voltage monitoring. Each of the two output channels is electrically isolated from the primary side and the other secondary channel.