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Nominal Supply Voltage VDD 15 Vdc
Output Current IG -15 to 15 A
Min. Output Current SOx 1.5 mA
Max. Operating Voltage 1200 Vdc
Turn-On Threshold Vth 11.5 V
Hysteresis On/Off 0.7 V
Test Voltage at 50 Hz/1 min1 4000 VAC(eff)
Partial Discharge Extinction Voltage > 1700 VAC(pk)
Creep Path Input-Output 20 mm
Creep Path output-Output 12.7/20 mm
Maximum ?V/?t at ?V = 1000 V 100 kV/µs
Turn-On Delay tpd(on) Input to Output 300 ns
Turn-Off Delay tpd(off) Input to Output 350 ns
Blocking Time 1 s
Output Rise Time tr(out) 100/160 ns
Output Fall Time tf(out) 80/130 ns
Max. Output Voltage Rating SOx 15 V
Inputs Cx5 0 to 15 Vdc
Storage Temperature -40 to 90 ºC
Supply Voltage VDC 0 to 16 Vdc
Supply Voltage VDD 0 to 16 Vdc
Logic Input Voltage 0 to 15 Vdc
Gate Peak Current Iout -18 to 18 A
Max. Output Power DC/DC Converter 6 W
Nominal Supply Voltage VDC 15 Vdc
Supply Current IDC 30 mA
Max. Supply Current IDC 470 mA
Efficiency ?3 85 %
Supply Current IDD without Load 12 mA
Supply Current IDD at 25 kHz Switching Frequency 15 mA
Operating Temperature at 2SD315AN 0 to 70 ºC
Operating Temperature at 2SD315AI -40 to 85 ºC
Output Current LSx 5 mA
Electrical Characteristics Power Supply Monitoring (All data refer to +25 °C and VDD = VDC = 15 V unless otherwise specified)
Electrical Isolation Continuous IEC270
Timing Characteristics after failure
Outputs Gx to Ex SOx to GND to Ex
Absolute Maximum Ratings All types
Product Highlights Suitable for 1200 V and 1700 V IGBTs Short circuit and overcurrent protection Extremely reliable, long service life High gate current of ± 15 A Electrical isolation of 4000 VAC Electrically isolated status acknowledgement Monitoring of power supply and self-monitoring Switching frequency DC to >100 kHz Duty cycle: 0... 100 % High dv/dt immunity, guaranteed > 100 000 V/µs Complete with DC/DC converter
Applications Inverters Motor drive technology Traction Railroad power supplies Converters Power engineering Switched-mode power supplies Radiology and laser technology DC/DC converter Research RF generators and converters
Mechanical Fixing The 2SD315A driver has two holes each 3.2 mm in diameter. They allow additional fixing of the driver for applications requiring very high resistance to shaking/vibration (railways, traction systems, electrically-driven vehicles, etc.).
  • The SCALE drivers from CONCEPT are based on a chip set that was developed specifically for the reliable driving and safe operation of IGBTs and power MOSFETs.
  • The name "SCALE" is an acronym for the most outstanding properties of the SCALE series of drivers:
  • SCALE = Scaleable, Compact, All purpose, Low cost and Easy to use.
  • The SCALE driver is a winning project of the competition organized by "Technology Center Switzerland 1998". And ABB Switzerland AG honored the development of the SCALE driver by distinguishing it as the "best power electronics project in 1998".