5SDD 0120C0200

Data Sheet 5SDD0120C0200.pdf
VRRM 200 V
IFAVM 11000 A
VPMAX at 1800 A 25ºC 0.92 V
IFSM at 10 ms Tp 85 kA
VTO 0.75 V
rT 0.020 mO
Housing C
IFSM at 8.3 ms Tp 92 kA
TVJM 170 ºC
RthJC 6.0 K/kW
RthCH 3.0 K/kW
Fm 36 kN
  • Designed for medium frequency welding equipment and optimized for high current rectifiers.
  • Proven high reliability in welding equipment with very low on-state voltage and very low thermal resistance.