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5SHX 19L6020

Data Sheet 5SHX 19L6020_5SYA1250-00Feb 12.pdf
VDRM 5500 V
VDC 3300 V
ITGQM 1800 A
IFAVM (Diode) 340 A
VGIN 28 to 40 V
Outline Fig. 1
Product Type Gate Commutated Thyristors
ITSM at 10 ms TVJM 18.0 kA
VT 3.45 V
VTO 1.90 V
rT 0.90 mO
Max. di/dt 510 A/µs
TVJM 125 ºC
RthJC 13 K/kW
Fm 44 kN
IFSM(Diode) 7.7 kA
VF(Diode) 6.40 V
VFO(Diode) 2.70 V
rF(Diode) 2.23 mO
Irr(Diode) 780 A
RthJC Diode Part (K/kW)(Diode) 26 K/kW
  • For special requirements, ABB has optimized some components for use in Pulsed Power Applications. These components are designed for very high di/dt switching, fast turn-on in combination with very high current capability high voltages and most of them include special driver units.
  • The products shown in this overview are only some examples of the capabilities of our pulsed power group. Besides the components listed below, we continue to design and produce special components and switches, which will meet the requirements of future markets.