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5STP 52U5200

Data Sheet 5STP 50Q1800.pdf
ITAVM at TC=70ºC 5120 A
Housing U
Product Type High Power Thyristors
VRRM 5200 V
ITSM at 10 ms TVJM 85.2 kA
VTO 1.04 V
rT 0.115 mO
TVJM 110 ºC
RthJC 4.0 K/kW
RthCH 0.8 K/kW
Fm 135 kN
  • Patented free-floating silicon technology.
  • Designed for high power industrial and power transmission applications.
  • Optimized for low on-state voltage drop.
  • Matched Qrr and VT values available for series and/or parallel connections.