UGTOV 2000
UNV 1350
UrmsV 500
UmaxV 1600
UsV 2000
Voltage Test 2200 VDC x 10s
CN 5 percent (µF) 9
lmax (A) 55
RS (mO) 0.8
dv/dt (V / µs) 40
l peak (A) 360
R th (°C/W) 3.1
Ø mm 80
H mm 52
Terminals M8
Max Tighten Torque (Nm) 10
  • Clamping Capacitors (Secondary Snubber) For Gate Turn-Off Thyristors
  • CLP capacitors have the same mechanical eecution of THY but intended for use with a D.C. voltage with superimposed a ripple voltage.
  • CLP D series consists of dry metallized dielectric capacitors, self healing type, with axial terminals. The capacitors winding is elclosed in a plastic can filled with resin. Both are self-extinguishing. A special arrangement assures a very low series resistance and high capability to withstand inrush currents.
  • Mechanical fixing consists of threaded holes M8.

    Self inductance =10 nH Time constant between terminals (Rt · C) > 3000 s Tanð at 1 kHz 3 · 10-4 Temperature coefficent of capacitanc -200 ppm/°C Cliamatic category ? min. -25°C ? max + 85°C Storage temperature ? min. - 55°C ? max + 85°C