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Nominal Primary Current IPN (A) 500 A
Measuring Range at ±24 V (Peak) ±1000 A
Secondary Current at IPN 125 mA
Supply Voltage (DC) ±15 to ±24 V
Product Type Current sensors
Mounting Type Horizontal Mounting
Not Measurable Overload (Peak) 10000 A
Max. Measuring Resistance at ±24 V 4 O
Min. Measuring Resistance at ±15 V 0 O
Turn Number 5000
Accuracy at IPN = ±1 %
Accuracy at IPN (-40 to 85°C) = 0.25 mA
Offset Current = 0.1 %
Linearity = 10 µA/ºC
Thermal Drift Coefficient (-40 to 85°C) = 1 µs
Delay Time = 100 A/µs
Bandwidth = 100 kHz
Max. No-Load Consumption Current = 15 mA
Secondary Resistance = 46 O
Dielectric Strength Primary/Secondary1 12 kV
Dielectric Strength Secondary/Screen (if relevant)2 0.5 kV
Voltage Drop ±15 to ±24 V
Mass 0.85 kg
Mass with Side Plates 1 kg
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Storage Temperature -50 to +90 ºC
Secondary Connection 3 x M5 studs // 3 x 6.35 x 0.8 Faston
Ordering Code 1SBT171000R0001
Conformity EN50121-3-2 EN50124-1 EN50155
Dielectric Strength Primary/Secondary Primary/(Secondary+Screen) if relevant)
Features General DataPlastic case and insulating resin are self-extinguishing.Fixing holes in the case moulding for horizontal or vertical mounting, with side plates. Direction of the current : A primary current flowing in the direction of the arrow results in a positive secondary output current from terminal M.Internal electrostatic screen : All CS sensors have an electrostatic screen, this is connected to the screen terminal «E». Depending on the version, when this screen terminal «E» is not
Details Unbeatable ReliabilityDesigned using the 6 sigma approach, the CS range is a model of reliability. The choice and number of optimized components, traceability of subassemblies, individually production tests nothing is left to chance to guarantee your peace of mind.Quality that goes beyond standardsABB have been ISO 9001 certified since 1993 and our sensors bear the CE label. This ongoing striving after quality has always been the hallmark of a company where excellence and safet
  • These current sensors are specially designed and manufactured for Traction applications (NCS range for fixed railway applications and CS range for rolling stock).
  • The requirements for these sensors are generally higher than those for Industry applications (larger operating temperature range, higher level of shocks and vibrations).
  • These sensors can be fixed mechanically, by the case or by the primary bar, depending on the version or option.