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Custom DC Link Capacitors

Custom capacitors for DC link are grouped as follows:

Series are the capacitors based on the same technology as standard products: metallised polypropylene film, plastic case, dry type resin filled. Customization is mostly related to connections, capacitance value and other special characteristics; the cases are the same used in the standard series.


series are metallised polypropylene film, metal cases (aluminum or steel) capacitors, dry type resin filled. Besides the personalization of the P series, the metal case allows our designers to follow mechanical requirements of the customer without any investment related to the plastic case mould.


series are metallised polypropylene film, metal case (aluminum or steel) capacitors, oil filled. This solution is generally suggested for high voltage applications.The range of our customized products is extremely wide and covers most of the possible requirements in the railway and traction equipments, industrial drives, wind and solar inverters, special industrial plants.