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Dual Channel High-Power High-Frequency SCALE-2 Driver Core

  • The SCALE-2 dual driver core 2SC0650P combines highest power density with broad applicability. The driver is designed for both high-power and high-frequency applications requiring maximum reliability. It is suitable for IGBTs with reverse voltages up to 1700V and also features a dedicated MOSFET mode. The embedded paralleling capability allows easy inverter design covering higher power ratings. Multi-level topologies are also supported.
  • CONCEPT'S patented planar-transformer technology assures efficient and high-voltage isolation with long-term reliability and sets new milestones in compactness, interference immunity and performance. Its outstanding EMC with a dv/dt strength of more than lOOV/ns allows safe and reliable operation in even the toughest industrial applications.
  • Thanks to its ultra-flat design with an insertion height of only 7 mm and a footprint of 57 x 62 mm, the 2SC0650P can efficiently utilize even the most constrained insertion spaces. Compared with conventional drivers, the highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset allows about 85 % of components to be dispensed with. This advantage is impressively reflected in increased reliability at simultaneously minimized cost.
  • Equipped with the latest SCALE-2 technology, the driver core opens up the possibility of working with clock frequencies of up to 150 kHz - at best-in-class efficiency. The 2SC0650P combines a complete two-channel driver core with all components required for driving, such as an isolated DC/DC converter, short-circuit protection, improved active clamping as well as supply voltage monitoring. Each of the two output channels is electrically isolated from the primary side and the other secondary channel.
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