Dual SCALE Driver for Halfbridge IGBTs

  • The SCALE drivers from CONCEPT are based on a chip set that was developed specifically for the reliable driving and safe operation of IGBTs and power MOSFETs.
  • The name "SCALE" is an acronym for the most outstanding properties of the SCALE series of drivers:SCALE = Scaleable, Compact, All purpose, Low cost and Easy to use.
  • The SCALE driver is a winning project of the competition organized by 'Technology Center Switzerland 1998". And ABB Switzerland AG honored the development of the SCALE driver by distinguishing it as the "best power electronics project in 1998".
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Item #

Supply Voltage VDC

Max. Output Power DC/DC Converter

Max. Operating Voltage

Max. Test Voltage at 50 Hz/1 min

Nominal Supply Voltage VDC


0 to 16 Vdc

6 W

2500 Vdc

5000 VAC(eff)

15 Vdc


0 to 16 Vdc

6 W

1500 Vdc

4000 VAC(eff)

15 Vdc