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Calibrated No
Measuring Range (Peak) 20 mA
Supply Voltage (DC) ±12 to ±24 V
Product Type Voltage Sensors
Min. Measuring Resistance at ±15 V 0 O
Primary Turn Number 10000
Secondary Turn Number 2000
Offset Current = ±0.3 mA
Linearity = ±0.1 %
Thermal Drift Coefficient (-25 to 70°C) = ±5 µA/ºC
Delay Time = 100 µs
Max. No-Load Consumption Current at ± 12 V 15 mA
Max. No-Load Consumption Current at ± 24 V 25 mA
Primary Resistance 1.5 kO
Secondary Resistance 60 O
Dielectric Strength Primary/(Secondary-Screen-Ground) 6 kV
Voltage Drop = 1.5 V
Mass 0.350 kg
Operating Temperature -25 to +70 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 to +85 ºC
Primary Connection 2 inserts M5 studs
Secondary Connection 3 x M5 studs
Ordering Code EM010TENHP1N
Mounting Type Closed Loop Hall Effect Technology
Overload (Peak) 20 mA
Max. Measuring Resistance at ±12 V 40 O
Max. Measuring Resistance at ±24 V 160 O
Secondary Current at IPN 50 mA
Accuracy at IPN = ±1 %
Features General DataPlastic case and insulating resin are self-extinguishing.Direction of the current: A positive primary differential voltage UHT+ - UHT- > 0) results in a positive secondary output current from terminal M.The internal electrostatic screen between the primary and secondary is linked to the terminal «E».The heatsink for the integrated input resistance RE is connected to the marked earth terminal on the sensor.Protection of the power supply against polarity reversal.Burn-in t
  • Closed loop Hall effect technology also allows for voltage measurement.
  • For calibrated EM010 sensors, the voltage to be measured is applied directly to the primary terminals of the sensor.
  • On the other hand, for not calibrated EM010 sensors, an external input resistor must be inserted in the primary before connecting the voltage to be measured.