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Energy Storage Capacitors

    • The energy storage capacitors for quick discharge are the flagship of the technology Icar, which has a long tradition in the design and manufacture of these particular devices. Starting in the '60s Icar provided for energy storage capacitors and fast discharge to higher technical and scientific research laboratories (including CERN, ENEA and CESI).
    • Thanks to an innovative metallization technology developed since the early 90s it was possible to gradually increase the gradient of the work of these capacitors, leading them to accumulate very high energies in extremely low volumes, while maintaining high reliability and quality as well as accuracy energy distribution on board.
    • The exploitation of polypropylene for this purpose becomes interesting only gradients and therefore very high for very high voltages, starting from 2000 - 2500 V as the charging voltage.
    • The ability to control the entire production process, from virgin polypropylene capacitor finished, Icar allows to obtain such benefits. Applications are several:
In the medical field
    • Defibrillators
    • muscle stimulators
    • Litotrituratori
In the field of industrial
    • Generators laser
    • Forming of plates
    • Welding in cold
    • Metal Forming
    • Generators of electric shock
In the Laboratory of Physics
  • For the study of matter
  • For the study on nuclear fusionGiven the complexity and variety of applications, the energy stored in a capacitor can vary from a few to more than 100 Joules kJoules: Each product is unique and dedicated to the specific application, then there is a catalog ICAR for this type of product.For each request, our technical department is at your disposal.