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ESM Industry Current Sensors

High precision for all situations

With two mounting positions, the ABB sensor sets itself apart in the market. It is the first to offer a major innovation with the option of vertical or horizontal mounting. Other sensor manufacturers have been influenced by this arrangement.A way to considerably simplify the work of integrators! The ABB sensor also allows for reduced dimensions for the equipment into which it is being integrated, whilst meeting the requirements of the latest standards.So many essential advantages to better satisfy your aspirations.Between professionals, we understand each other.An incomparable immunity against magnetic fieldsESM sensors are thought out, designed and recognised for having an incomparable immunity against surrounding magnetic fields. Being constantly in the presence of strong currents otentiallydisturb and produce measurement errors, but this is not the case.They have constant precision and are committed to measure a given current.Only this one and not another.

An unavoidable requirement: reduce the volume and increase the power

The improvements in performance of the components used in electronic power systems and the requirement to reduce costs leads constructors to an irreversible tendency: produce smaller, more powerful and cheaper systems. The sensors, following this tendency, are subject to more and more magnetic interference.The ESM range replies well to this requirement by offering an improved immunity to this interference.

Hall Effect - Closed Loop

Sensors to measure D.C., A.C or pulsating currents with a galvanic insulation between primary and secondary circuits.