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Oval Resistors

Data Sheet Ceramic Wirewound Resistors.pdf
Power Range 30W - 800W
Pulse Load 10 X in 5 s
De-rating 100% PN @40 °C - 80% @ 100 °C
Environmental -40°C - 110°C
Resistance Tolerance ± 10% (opt: ± 5%)
Dielectric Strength Look for Creepage Distance
Working Voltage Critical Voltage 360V - 4700V
Protection class IP00
Max surface temperature 375 °C
Cooling media Air Oil
Connection Solder AMP Screw Cables
Climatic IEC 68-2-3 56 days at 40°C and 93 % (Vitr. En.)

A large range of Oval Resistor Types from 30W to 800W including types with live terminals are available.