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Over Voltage Protection Capacitors

    • Windings in electric machinery are particularly sensitive to overvoltages, especially in case of exceedingly steep wavefront: the steeper is the voltage wavefront the worst is the voltage distribution along the windings, creating the conditions for damage.
    • ICAR designs and builds capacitors and RC and FC modules suitable for protecting large electric machinery from overvoltages.
    • BIORIPHASO/TF AT is the series of capacitors by ICAR used for overvoltage protection. Designed following the customers' requirements and built with the highest quality materials, the capacitors of this group ensure performances at the highest levels of the market.

ATTechnology Aluminum sheet Impregnation Oil Case Metallic Capacity range 0.01 ÷ 12 mF Voltage range 3.6 ÷ 52 kV

  • ICAR designs and produces also protection RC and FC groups, which are used in the field of large transformers protection for the smelters in still mills. The RC and FC groups are designed according to the requirements of each customer and can be supplied with or without the support structure.