Plug & Play Gate Drivers

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Single Channel SCALE Plug-and-Play IGBT Driver

  • Ultra compact, high-performance driver for 2-level, 3-level and multilevel converters

Dual Channel SCALE Plug-and-Play IGBT Driver

  • Driver solution for 130 mm x 140 mm dual IGBT modules with interface for 2-level topologies
  • The dual-channel driver is with an electrical interface based on CONCEPTS dual SCALE driver 2SD315AI, a proven technology for reliable driving and safe operation of IGBTs.
  • The driver is matched to the 1700 V module 5SND0800M170100 from ABB. Its plug-and- play capability makes it ready to operate immediately after mounting. The user needs invest no effort in designing or adjusting it to a specific application.
  • Mounting principle: Connected to IGBT module with screws.