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Power Resistors: Medium to High Power

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ALPHA - Aluminum Housed Brake Resistors

Very High PULSE LOAD compared to the average load
  • Insulated resistors
  • IP50 - IP65
  • Can easily be mounted in compact constructions.
  • The nominal load can be improved by forced air cooling or by mounting the resistors on a heat sink.

Power range 30 W - 6 kW Average
Short time pulse load up to
300 kW/component
Protection degree IP20/IP50/IP65

Most of these resistors are  recognized 

Σ SIGMA, Wirewound Brake Resistors

The traditional Brake Resistor Type.
This Resistor type has proven its reliability since the childhood of the Drive Technology.

Power Range from 100W to 5kW Average.
Pulse Load 10X PN at cycle 10S / 120S

There are two product lines; a traditional and one being UL listed


TERA, Steel Grid Brake Resistors

Brake Resistors for medium and very large drives. These resistors are natural air cooled or forced air cooled.

Neutral Grounding Resistors for high voltage power networks.

Power Range from 5kW – XXMW

Protection Degree: IP00 – IP23

OHMEGA, Steel Tube Resistors

Ohmega Resistors are made by the same technology as infrared heating elements but are particular designed as braking resistors.

Can be air cooled as well as water- and oil cooled. The cooling media can be separated from the connection area making it possible to cool with polluted air.  

Power Range 100W - 500kW (Water cooled)

Ceramic Wirewound Resistors

Vitreous Wirewound Resistors
GRF/GFF: Power Range 17W - 300W
Cemented Wirewound Resistors

ZRF/ZFF: Power Range 17W - 1000W

Heat Sink Resistors

Aluminium Housed Heat Sink Resistors
for steady state load

Power Range: 40W - 200W

Heating / Dehumidifying Resistors

Large surface aluminium housed resistor that disposes of heat without the use of additional heat sink


Ceramic Vitreous Enamelled Rheostats

Power Range 12W - 200W


Small Power Resistors
Axial and Radial lead Types

Power Range 3W - 20W


OEM Products

OEM Products based on our Power Resistors and optimized to Customers Specifications