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VD Traction Voltage Detectors

100% Electronic
    • Rolling Stock and Fixed Installations
Protection of maintenance personnel : an ABB innovation.
    • with a current offering with insufficient reliability that doesn’t meet the market standards, ABB has innovated with the VD Traction voltage detector. This 100% electronic product allows your maintenance operatives to detect the presence of a continuous or alternating voltage, before carrying out operations on equipment. When the diode flashes, the voltage is greater than 50 V and when it is extinguished, the voltage is below this limit. Provided with a double internal function and independent LEDs, the VD Traction voltage detector offers redundant safety and a lifetime of greater than 1 million hours. Guaranteed for 2 years, it allows reliable decisions to carry out operations to be made and protects personnel from dangerous high voltages.
  • Electronic detectors for direct and alternating voltages. This safety device signals the presence of dangerous voltages via the independent flashing of two LEDs (Light emitting diodes). A secondary supply voltage is not necessary.
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Nominal Voltage UN (DC)

Max. Voltage Permanent UMAX1 (DC)

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Voltage Detectors

1500 V

1800 V

1950 V