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Data Sheet VD1500.pdf
Product Type Voltage Detectors
Nominal Voltage UN (DC) 1500 V
Max. Voltage Permanent UMAX1 (DC) 1800 V
Max. Voltage Long Duration UMAX2 (DC) View 1950 V
Max. Voltage Overload UMAX3 (DC) View 2538 V
Insulation Voltage Rating (UNM)1 View 6.5 kV
Average Current Consumption (LED flashing) = 1 mA
LED Flashing Frequency 1.7 Hz
Activating Voltage UON (DC) > 45 V
Activating Voltage UOFF (DC) = 40 V
Mass = 0.5 kg
Operating Temperature -40 to +70 ºC
Operating and Starting Temperature -40 to +85 ºC
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Color Red
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Angle of Vision = 15°
Conformity EN50121-3-2 EN50124-1 EN50129 EN50155
Approvals CE
Features General DataPlastic case and insulating resin are self-extinguishing.The casing temperature must not exceed 105°C.Fixing holes in the case moulding for horizontal mounting.Changing of the 2 LEDs is without tools.Product mounting according to the document : VD1500 range Mounting Instructions (ref. 1SBC140001M1701).Product Use and Maintenance instructions according to the document : Use of the Voltage Detector - Preventive and Curative Maintenance VD1500 Range (ref. 1SBD370058P0001).
Details An answer adapted to market requirementsGuaranteeing optimum safety, the VD Traction voltage detector meets the requirements for difficult environments and is adaptable to the most demanding applications such as :Rolling stock : main converters, auxiliary converters. Based on the SNCF CF60-100 specification, the whole French railway market imposes the presence of a voltage detector within built redundancy, to meet the drastic safety requirements of this sector.Electronic power systems
100% Electronic
    • Rolling Stock and Fixed Installations
Protection of maintenance personnel : an ABB innovation.
    • with a current offering with insufficient reliability that doesn’t meet the market standards, ABB has innovated with the VD Traction voltage detector. This 100% electronic product allows your maintenance operatives to detect the presence of a continuous or alternating voltage, before carrying out operations on equipment. When the diode flashes, the voltage is greater than 50 V and when it is extinguished, the voltage is below this limit. Provided with a double internal function and independent LEDs, the VD Traction voltage detector offers redundant safety and a lifetime of greater than 1 million hours. Guaranteed for 2 years, it allows reliable decisions to carry out operations to be made and protects personnel from dangerous high voltages.
  • Electronic detectors for direct and alternating voltages. This safety device signals the presence of dangerous voltages via the independent flashing of two LEDs (Light emitting diodes). A secondary supply voltage is not necessary.