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Data Sheet VS1500B.pdf
Nominal Primary Voltage (VPN RMS) 1500 V
Measuring Range at ±12 V (Peak) ±2250 V
Secondary Current at Vpn (mA) 50 mA
Supply Voltage (VDC) ±12 to ±24 V
Product Type Voltage Sensors
Mounting Type Electronic Technology
Measuring Range at ±24 V (Peak) ±2250 V
Not Measurable Overload (Peak) 4500 V
Max. Measuring Resistance at ±12 V 67 O
Max. Measuring Resistance at ±24 V 188 O
Min. Measuring Resistance at ±24 V 0 O
Accuracy at UPN = ±0.9 %
Accuracy at UPN (-25 to 70°C) = ±1.5 %
Accuracy at UPN (-40 to 85°C) = ±1.7 %
Offset Current = ±0.15 mA
Linearity = 0.3 %
Delay Time = 10 µs
dv/dt Correctly Followed = 18 V/µs
Bandwidth = 13 kHz
Max. No-Load Consumption Current = 50 mA
Dielectric Strength Primary/(Secondary-Screen) 6.5 kV
Dielectric Strength Secondary/Screen 0.5 kV
Partial Discharges Extinction Voltage > 2.2 kV
Mass 0.450 kg
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 ºC
Storage Temperature -50 to +90 ºC
Secondary Connection 4 x M5 studs // 3 x 6.35 x 0.8 Faston
Ordering Code 1SBT161500R0001
Conformity EN50121-3-2 EN50124-1 EN50155
Approvals CE
Features Max. Common Mode VoltageThe following two conditions must be continuously and simultaneously respected:1) UHT+ + UHT- = 4.2 kV peak and 2) I UHT+ - UHT- I = UPMAXGeneral DataCoated electronic circuit.Plastic case and insulating resin are self-extinguishing.Direction of the current : A positive primary differential voltage (UHT+ - UHT- > 0) results in a positive secondary output current from terminal M.Protections :Of the measuring circuit against short-circuits.
Details Incomparable protection against magnetic fieldsVS sensors are conceived, designed and renowned for their unrivalled immunity to ambient magnetic fields.Although they are in continuous proximity of powerful currents capable of distorting their measurements, this does not, in fact, occur. Their accuracy is rock-solid and once set to measure a particular voltage, that is what they measure - that and nothing else.Perfect efficiency in every environmentThe VS range has been designe
  • These voltage sensors use the new ABB 100% electronic technology (the magnetic circuit and Hall probe are no longer required).
  • The voltage to be measured is applied directly to the primary terminals of the sensor.
  • They are specially designed and manufactured to meet the latest Traction standards.