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What's New

New 150mm Thyristor

A New thyristor platform with voltage ratings of 6.7kV, 7.2kV and 8.5kV enables optimum  design of converters where the DC link voltage is greater than 1000V. Full utilization of six inch wafers and optimized cathode layout has improved on stage current by 20%, on state voltage by 10%, and improved tradeoff of on state voltage vs Qrr. 6.7kV and 7.2kV parts are rated at 6.25kA average while 8.5kV types are rated at 5kA average; Samples available now.

Improved HiPak IGBT Modules

New internal modules designs for the M and N housings has improved product reliability (wire bond load cycling 4X pervious generation), compliance with latest fire and smoke standards (EN45545 and R23/HL2) and elimination of the internal epoxy blanked. In production since 4Q2014, these modules have the highest quality and reliability

New Fast Switching Thyristors

ABB is proud to offer the 5STF23H2040 (2000V rating and 2254A average) and 5STF28H2060 (2000V rating and 2667A average). Both are in the “H” package with 102mm flange diameter and 63mm pole piece diameter and require 50kN of clamping force. Ideal for induction heating and melting applications. Samples and production available now.

New Dual IGBT Module

ABB is proud to introduce a 500A dual module rated 3300V in a low inductance module with ABB’s latest SPT+ technology. The 5SND0500N330300  is in the smaller 130mm by 140mm package but with an “overhang” to allow for improved strike/creep between the power terminals and the auxiliary terminals. With target markets in multi-level SVC, traction and industrial markets, this dual module enables lower inductance converter designs resulting in lower peak voltages nd oscillations. Samples and production available now.

New 1700V SPT++ IGBT and diode chipset

ABB can now offer these chips with Tj operating of 175C, both in blocking and switching modes. This chip set is available for sale and will also be used in the new 1700V ABB IGBT module designs.  Targeted for industrial and wind power conversion applications, this chip set offers excellent ruggedness and highest efficiency for higher switching frequencies. Samples and production available now.

Enhanced Rectifier Diodes

ABB has expanded the line of high power diodes in the M and L packages with the 5SDD50M5500 (4850A average, with 5500V blocking) and the 5SDD55L5500 (5372A  average, with 5500V blocking). Targeted for high current rectifier markets, these diodes provide the same power s previous generations, but now in a smaller package.  Samples and production available now.

IGBT Gate Drivers for 3 level NPC power modules with reverse blocking IGNT’s

3-level topologies are typically based on the classical neutral-point-clamped (NPC1) topology with four power switches (IGBT) per half-bridge and two additional clamping diodes. A variant of this topology is known as the NPC2 topology which uses two IGBTs per half-bridge and two IGBTs connected as a common collector configuration in the clamping path. This paper discusses these differences and provides proven solutions that enable standard gate drivers to be adapted for use in NPC2 topology designs with RB-IGBTs.

IGBT Gate Driver Cores for 4.5 and 6.5kV IGBT’s

The 1SC0450V single driver core for IGBT modules with blocking voltages of 4.5 kV and 6.5 kV are available. This highly compact new product enables IGBTs to be paralleled using only one driver core, which further reduces system size and increases reliability. Samples and production available now.

66kV rated capacitors shipped for high magnetic field application

ICAR has shipped several 66kV caps to create a 7 mega joule capacitor bank. These caps produce a very high magnetic field in a single coil with a short circuit current of  one million amps. Please contact us for your custom energy storage capacitors needs.

ABB Sensors has introduced the TYA300 and TYA500, 300A and 500A square hole closed loop hall effect sensors equivalent to the LEM LAC300 and LAC306.  With measurable currents up to 600A DC for the TYS300 series and 800A for the TYA500 series, these sensors are less than 0.5% accurate, excluding offset current. Samples and production available now.

ABB improves the ES1000 series of hall effect sensors to increase magnetic immunity. New core material and gap geometries increases the ability to reject magnetic fields from nearby bus bars or cables. Samples and production available now.

For additional information please email : info@5Scomponents.comor call 412-967-5858.